Thursday, November 5, 2009

What gives a doll character?

I listed some old dolls on Ebay tonight.  All with some damage of some kind (I'm a sucker for a fixer upper I think) . What I realized was that none of them ever "clicked" with me. With some dolls there is some kind of strange emotional attachment- the behaviorist in me (did I mention that I'm working on becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst?) knows that something about the doll was paired with some other reinforcing.........- we'll leave that alone.

This little lady just makes me chuckle now and then-  but no emotion attached.

This one has some emotional attachment- but only because she sat in a chair that was my children's grandfathers as a child , with an antique Christening gown that he wore.

Some dolls just seem to have a spirit to them, others are just pieces of plastic , or composition or cloth.

Of course - for some people, dolls are scary. A friend stayed in my living room one night- and once she left , I found that all 30+ dolls in the china cupboard had their heads turned away from the couch she slept on that night!

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