Monday, November 16, 2009

Session at the White Hart

Every other week I indulge the other part of me- there is an Irish session (music get together) downtown at the White Hart. For so long we had no place to play in Lynchburg.   I really, really meant to get a picture of the session, but all you get tonight is a picture of the White Hart- which is in the coolest part of Lynchburg.

Luckily I live with this wonderful person is an enabler in a good way- I get to play!

I guess if you don't play Irish music, it is probably hard to understand being tune mad. I've calmed down, partly because I learn them more quickly (always by ear now) - I used to sit for hours and work on new tunes.

For a long time too,  I didn't understand the concept of "getting inside the music" with other people- egos go by the wayside because it is a group effort to present the tune- so if one person messes up, another covers.

Good thoughts for living too.

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