Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kids and dolls

My daughter brought two friends home from college yesterday. They are about 45 minutes away at Sweet Briar (and yes, they wore their pearls) , but wanted to do some baking. They wore me out of course, with their energy, all their wonderful interests and drama- but it was when we went to my room and saw the dolls that I enjoyed myself the most. My daughter got  one of her first dolls , in a little white bassinet, at Christmas when she was one. She proceeded (the first girl after two boys) to say ,"Train", and to chug the bassinet across the floor making train noises. She did have a few favorite dolls, but still talks about the body parts all over the house while she was growing up.

But when I showed her the dolls I had made , she picked one up and said, "Really- you made them?"
And her friend Noel, who had talked about dinner about all sorts of  worldly issues, picked up Esther Chandler and carried her around cradled to her body. I realized that the appeal of dolls is real - no wonder the Izannah dolls still have their magic.

My newest acquisition- and Effanbee Lamkin - I love her!

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  1. Jennifer, that is the highest compliment you could ever get on your doll. How wonderful! Hugs, Judi