Sunday, March 25, 2012

Deliberately Ugly Doll

I buried her eyes bulged her nose and forehead and pulled her ears out, and am adding an out of proportion, shortened body with huge feet and arms. Now I would say she qualifies as ugly. But she also looks more badly made than deliberately ugly. Today, I am going to work on eyes, and make them as well painted as I can to take away from the poorly made image. I like the sawdust base, but I also will go back and refine the ears and repaint the mouth.

The stories that I have read about Laidronette never describe her. I found another source though, and will read through that carefully.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Pondering of Ugly

A couple of pictures of twin dolls. If you follow my Josiah Gammage House blog , you must close your eyes , because these dolls are still on their way from Davenport Iowa, and aren't in the story yet.


What makes a woman the ugliest woman in the world? A ruddy complexion? A bulging forehead? Rough pitted skin? A short lip and mouth out of proportion?

The Maida group has taken on the challenge of creating a doll based on a fairy tale. I chose the fascinating , 1600's story of Laidronette. Laidronette was born one of twin princesses . An angry witch turned her into the ugliest woman in the world, while sparing her sister Bellote.

I've started the doll, and am having such a time making her ugly! My instinct is to shrink the mouth, add a lip and smooth out the asymmetry, but that wouldn't be true to the story. Anyway, who ever heard of an ugly heroine? We'll explore more of the story as she develops.