Thursday, November 25, 2010

Letting dolls go

The other day I walked by this doll I made, who I named Sari, and realized I was ready to let her go. I have a pact with myself to act on this impulse whenever I have it because I have way too many dolls, and lots in the works, so on Ebay she went!

Sari is a practice doll, and I can't get a pic of her that I feel represents her, but in any event she is a strange looking creature. She's one of those dolls that just makes you smile. But now I'm sad she's going, and it seems for only enough to pay for materials...but still the sense of satisfaction for me that someone wants something I made . One fear that I have is that they will use only the clothes and that she will be found in a dumpster .see, I am really, really too attached!

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