Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dolls I'm working on.

I started out trying to make copies of my favorite Izannah dolls , because I was sure I could never afford one.

But now I think my goal is just to make dolls with integrity! Here are the latest-  two still unfinished, and one finished. I have fun finding names on my family tree- Peninah Flanner is on the right, and Panthea on the left.

I just found out that Peninah grew up to be a Quaker minister, so I guess the new dress needs to be plain instead of the lace trimmed dress she had on before the repaint.

Sari, who is below , reminds me a bit of the post patent dolls for some reason. I almost didn't finish her , but really like her now. Sometimes you just have to put projects away for a while I think.

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