Monday, July 9, 2012

Mystery Doll- Moral is Sign Your Dolls!

As usual I paid what I think was too much for a doll on Ebay- I'm such an emotional buyer! Although, I did have someone bidding against me at the last minutes , and the current antique inspired dolls sell for more than I paid . I was so fascinated with the doll that I am glad I got her, and knew as I was bidding that she was not really old.

I suspected that more of the doll was cloth rather than the papier mache she was listed under. Basically, I was right and they were right. Interesting enough, her head is built over Styrofoam. I thought that made her fairly recent ( which may still be the case) , but if you look up styrofoam, you realize that it has been made for much longer than you think. ,

Holes in the papier mache reveal a Styrofoam base.

You can see that the muslin is newer, but that the neck is painted cloth, which is glued to the papier mache neck.

It looks like the body is one piece, with a sewn on petticoat.

Do you know anything about this doll?

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